Start charting your cycle today.

Discover when you are fertile and how fertile you really are.

Hi there! My name is Ingefleur, I am a Fertility Homeopath.

I help couples to conceive naturally and go on to have happy healthy babies. 

My number 1 fertility tip for them is to start charting her cycle. 

You see, every woman’s cycle is different and it varies when you are most fertile. Even from month to month! 

If you are trying to conceive naturally you need to learn what your fertile pattern is.

That's why I wrote this charting course!

    What can you learn from this course?

    Fertility charting lets you find your personal most fertile days every month so that you can increase your chances of falling pregnant. 

    Charting also helps you discover which hormonal imbalance is causing your (menstrual) symptoms or preventing you from falling or staying pregnant. 

    To help recognize from your charts if you have a hormone imbalance, I have therefore added 2 bonus lessons that cover the 10 most common hormone problems that you can pick up on through fertility charting.

    Are you ready to get a hold of your hormonal health, get charting, and catching that egg?